Jen and Scott – April 2015

First of all THANK YOU SO much for guiding Scott and I in this amazing journey of parenthood and bringing Bryce into the world in what we believed was the best possible way. Scott filled up the birthing tub and the second I got in it I was in heaven! We put on rainbow relaxation and Scott called my mom to come back to the hospital since she went home for a little to sleep. For 4 hours I moved between the birthing tub to the shower which both helped tremendously. I was very quiet and did the breathing we learned in class. It helped so much to count 3-4 breaths and know that the waves would subside after that and I could completely relax again. Scott did some light touch massaged that we learned to which also helped tremendously. I drank water and sucked on honey sticks which were PERFECT to give me a little energy and sweetness.

My water broke on its own when I was in the tub which really woke me up and I knew that things were moving along. It was 6:30am and the nurse came in to monitor the heart rate quickly. I got out of the tub and started pacing telling my mom and Scott that I felt the urge to push. The nurse kind of looked at me like I was lying (haha) and told me to lay down so she could check me. She said she wasn’t confident in her assessment and had someone else come in. The next nurse looked very surprised and said, “yes, indeed, you are fully dilated and I can feel the head” both my mom and Scott were very surprised. My mom told me after she didn’t think I was that far along because I barely made a sound throughout the entire labor and just looked so relaxed ūüôā

Between contractions though I responded to Scott’s encouraging words telling him I loved him back, smiling at my mom who was just so excited to be there, eating ice chips, and knowing I was one step closer to meeting my baby.

Kristen from Harbor Park OBGYN delivered my baby. She was very encouraging and helpful throughout the whole process.

I was so focused on breathing and feeling each push/wave that I felt as though time went by quicker than reality. It finally made sense to everyone why it did take as long as it did. My mom said that once Kristen saw the head come out her eyes lit up and she mouthed to the nurse— this is a BIG baby. No one had a clue that I was carrying a 10lb baby!

I felt a wave or relief when I felt his head and then shoulders come out. I could feel his little feet kicking inside me until he was completely delivered. I have a baby BOY!

I felt to empowered in the days following. I was able to safely and naturally deliver this perfect baby into the world. I can always look back at this time to find strength in myself to push through hard times and know that with determination and inviting God along with me on the journey, I can succeed. I’ve always had confidence issues in the past…. I’ve never felt more confident in my entire life.¬†What really was beautiful was that Scott told me he was so completely blown away by my strength and that he has never been more attracted or in love with me than he is now.

The experience as a whole wasn’t exactly how I perfectly imagined it to be.¬†I think that I am happier with the reality though. I think that I learned a great deal about myself and that I had/have the strength that I was wondering if I had in me. I can look at my son and know that I provided him the best possible entry into this world and that I will continue to be strong and loving for him. I am overjoyed that after seeing my mother fight stage 3 cancer this year with such strength and faith, she was able to see me be the strong woman she brought me up to be and experience her first grandbaby enter this world. I have never been more in love with Scott before knowing that I made him proud and watching him just melt over Bryce and see a joy I’ve never seen before in him as a dad. It’s all too wonderful. Definitely a miracle, definitely a supernatural blessing.

Thank you, Kate for helping me achieve one of the best gifts I could have given myself.

Anna and Doug- December 2014

I am writing to share the birth of our son Daniel. Daniel was born on December 19th at 10:52 AM at 6 pounds 15 ounces. His birth was a wonderful experience for both me and Doug.

The birth took exactly 5 hours from the time I felt my first surge to the moment I held Daniel in my arms. I stayed at home for most of my birth, relaxing in the shower, listening to the HypnoBirthing© tapes, rocking back and forth on my hands and knees, and deep breathing. When I arrived at the hospital, I was surprised to find out that I was fully dilated. Daniel was born shortly after with no medication. I did most of the pushing on my hands and knees, which was very helpful. The three of us came home the following day.
Kate- thank you so much for the wonderful class! It gave me so much confidence in my own body. I was able to use so many of the techniques I learned in the class during my birth- and most of all- I was able to stay relaxed through the process.

The experience of giving birth is incredible! Our bodies were truly designed to do this!

Kaitlin-December 2014

I wanted to send a quick note to share with you the birth of our daughter Margaux Jane. She was born early Wednesday morning, weighing 6lbs and 15oz.

I want to especially thank Kate for such great “training” – Margaux was born exactly 5 hours after being admitted to the hospital, with just under 30 minutes of pushing and no medication. Matt was an awesome support, timing all of my surges, reminding me of my breathing and keeping the HypnoBirth¬© CD on repeat! I am so amazed with the power of the woman’s body and also the focus I was able to achieve because of the HypnoBirth¬© training.

You both can do it! The experience is unbelievable and one I will never forget. Stay focused and find a routine during labor that works for you, the ball and shower were both helpful. I was not in the bed until I had to push, it was much more “comfortable” to be moving around during surges.

We could not have had a more amazing birth experience- The nurses in the hospital said they had never seen such a calm birth! Matt and I are true believers in the HypnoBirth¬© process – I can’t get over how many benefits that were listed in the book and teachings, which have all been true! Margaux was welcomed into the world with such calmness and it shows already in her personality.

Thank you Kate for all of the support!

Kaitlyn S.- October 2014

Baby Jack was born on October 4– right on his due date! 7lbs 3oz and 21 inches long. My labor was very fast. My water broke at 12:30 pm, but my contractions hadn’t started. My first contraction was at 10:30 that night, and by the time we got to the hospital at 1am I was at 8 cm. I started pushing at 2am and he was born at 4:07 am! No medicine at all, we actually didn’t even get to use the tub because everything happened so quickly. John was awesome. He used so much of what you taught us, especially because I started to panic around 8cm. I actually did freak out for a few minutes and ask for the epidural but John talked me out of it. And I am so glad, everything went so quickly and my recovery has been awesome- no stitches or tearing at all.
I can’t take how cute he is!!

Diane (My first paying client in 2009 and she kindly wrote this on my Linkedin Page on May 2015 which I thought was pretty awesome!)

Kate is both professional and nurturing. We had the pleasure of learning HypnoBirthing© from Kate when we had our first child 5 years ago. I was able to apply the techniques and use the information she taught us to have two FABULOUS (and entirely different) birthing experiences. She gave us the confidence, knowledge and experience to face labor and delivery with calm excitement and joy- as every new mother deserves. She was flexible and accommodating. Halfway through our last class with Kate, we received a call saying my 40-yr old cousin died unexpectedly and suddenly, leaving behind a loving wife and 7-yr old son. Kate gave us a hug, shared a tear and told us to call when we were ready to have the last class again. No questions, no inconvenience. She came back a week or so later and repeated the last class for us. She holds a very special place in my heart. I HIGHLY recommend her to any mother-to-be looking to empower herself to enjoy the experience of childbirth.

Erica and Jonathan- June 2012

Kate Sullivan was an amazing Doula. We hired her after interviewing several other doulas, because I felt most comfortable with Kate. She showed me some positions that would be more comfortable for some of the back pain I was having and to try to have our baby turn into a better spot. With help from Kate I was able to find some comfort. Kate coached me through the entire process of early labor, and also had me in the tub during labor later in the day. Kate came over when it became obvious that I was in labor, contractions were about 3-5 minutes apart, and helped my husband and I get ready for the hospital. I believe because of my hypnobirthing classes I was super calm, and I definitely recommend hypnobirthing classes. Kate helped me get through each contraction with hypnobirthing breathing and helped us know when it was time to go to the hospital. When I started having a huge amount of pain, Kate and my husband were there to help me get through each contraction. The Dr. moved us into the birthing suite and broke my water, we found out that our baby was in distress and that I had to have an emergency c-section (not the plan!). In the OR we found out that our baby had her cord wrapped around her neck 5x! It took a lot for the dr’s to get our baby stable, and she was in the NICU for a few days. Kate was there throughout the whole labor, and waited during the c-section for us. She was incredibly supportive and kind and helped me get through the difficulty of having a different birth than what I expected. She came to our home and helped us get settled, and even babysat for our tiny little one, and helped us get our house in order. She was the most kind and gracious doula we could ever ask for. About the below review, I don’t think that anyone should be able to write a review without having gone through the entire birthing experience with Kate. She is the best, and I have recommended her to my friends who have also had the same positive experience I have.

Heather-  June 2012

I met Kate when I took my Hypnobirthing© class at Yale New Haven Hospital.  She was the instructor.  I noticed that she had a very calm and relaxing personality which was just what I need for my birthing experience.  Both my husband and I thought it would be a good idea to have a doula with us during the birth of our son.  After spending time with her during the class I felt very comfortable with her and knew I would need some help with the HypnoBirthing© experience.  We asked Kate to be our doula and she met with us before hand and we were able to tell her what our wishes were for the experience and she talked us through it.  I wanted to use a birthing tub and she was very supportive.

Kate made herself available for questions at any time.  On the day I went into labor I called her and she kept me calm and grounded, when it was time to go to the hospital she met us there shortly after.  She helped with getting the tub set up and just being there present to support my husband and I.  Kate talked me through the whole thing, helped me to stay on track with my breathing, explained what was going on as I had questions and was just a calming presents with her soothing voice.

I even called “olly olly in free” three times and wanted meds and Kate was able to talk me through it.¬† We arrived at the hospital around 8pm and my son was born at 12:35 am with about four pushes.¬† Without Kate keeping me on track with breathing and relaxing me it wouldn’t have happened so nicely.

When we have another child I will definitely be calling Kate again to be by our side!¬† My husband felt relieved to have her there too.¬† I¬†can’t thank her enough and would totally recommend her.

Kate also came for a visit after the delivery and it was good to be able to talk about the experience and she is very knowledgeable in breast feeding.

Linda C.- October 2011

My husband and I were very happy to have Kate present for the birth of our first baby.¬† Kate was constantly reassuring during the birthing of our daughter.¬† It is impossible to know what to expect before your first birth.¬† Because of the constant uncertainty regarding what will happen next, Kate’s reassuring presence was invaluable.

Though I¬†fully intended to have a natural HypnoBirth¬©, it became clear that plans would change when my baby did not come on her own, and an induction¬†was necessary.¬† Kate was very flexible as plans changed and was completely supportive throughout my long labor.¬† I¬†constantly looked to Kate during labor, and she assured me that everything would be ok.¬† Even though my baby’s birth did not go as originally planned, I¬†was very happy with my birth experience and am grateful for Kate’s guidance and support.

Brianna- March 2011

My husband and I were extremely happy with our choice to have Kate there for the birth of our son.

Kate ran the Hypnobirthing¬© class that we took while I was pregnant and we loved her easygoing nature and thought she’d be perfect as our doula.

We had a meeting to discuss the specifics of what we were looking for with the birth and then kept in touch via email. We called her the day I was admitted into the hospital around 8am. My only regret was not calling her sooner.¬†(the hospital staff had kept us in limbo as to wether or not I would be admitted) Thinking back to the¬†hour right before my son was born, I¬†don’t think I, or my husband, could have done it without her!¬†She coached me wonderfully through everything, even when I¬†thought I¬†couldn’t do it. It was a wonderful addition having her there and her knowledge as well as calm and peaceful presence, was greatly appreciated. I can’t recommend her services enough!

Ariana- March 2011

My experience with Kate Sullivan was exactly what I hope for with a care provider:¬†expertise, professionalism, and caring. After having Kate as our HypnoBirthing¬© coach, I felt confident about asking her to be our doula. It was a great decision:¬†she was with us every step of the way – when we found out we couldn’t have a home birth, when I had to undergo additional testing, and when it was time to head to the hospital.

At the hospital, Kate was confident and reassuring. My birth team consisted of my husband, my sister, and Kate. Because of the gentle but firm guidance that Kate was able to give, (and the preparation that she had given us), I felt like I had the best team ever. She gave the people I love great advice and really showed them what to do to be helpful to me in my labor.

My sister and Kate had never met before the day of the birth, but Kate put her at ease and made her an integral part of the process. My sister has told me that it was an incredible experience and that she feels honored to have been a part of it.

I have often heard that husbands may feel left out of the birth process, especially when a doula is involved, but Kate made absolutely sure that my husband was involved. He was my rock, and I believe that Kate facilitated that.

When the serious birthing time came, I was able to (and needed to) rely on all three of them. I feel like Kate coordinated that, and turned the three of them into my “dream team”. I am now the mother of a beautiful baby girl, and I feel that Kate was an invaluable part of the process. I¬†wouldn’t have another baby without her.

Gloria- June 2010

I have known Kate personally for the past few years. When I got pregnant she told me all about hypno-birthing and how wonderful it was. I have to admit I giggled at first but decided why not try it (what was the worst that could happen?). I really found it a great relaxing tool for my everyday life. After speaking to some friends my husband and I decided that we wanted a Doula to help us through the birth as this was our first child and well Kate was our obvious choice. From the moment I started having contractions she was there for me to help calm and sooth me as well as help me understand what my body was doing. From the moment Kate walked into the delivery room she quietly took over making sure I was calm and focused and well attended to. She was great and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I truly believe she made all the difference. We are planning to have our second child next year and Kate will deff be my first call.

Elizabeth- August 2009

You have educated me, pushed me, been sooo patient with me, made me believe in me, made me learn and grasp this whole experience and think of new ways and learn learn learn, you’ve been more than perfect you’ve been FABULOUS and you continue to amaze me

O I am so proud to know you, you know that and I keep talking about you and how wonderful you are and i will continue, you’ve touched me so and I believe you will touch so many others, you got it girl!! You so got it. Your words motivate me. ¬†You reminded me of how wonderful it is to touch someone who really needs it, how wonderful that really truely truely truely is…..
Your words resonate inside me and empower me.

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