Class Schedule


Feel free to call me for a free consulatation about the importance of Childbirth Education and schedule a private class.

  • the HypnoBirthing Book
  • Helpful Handouts
  • Laminated Birth Companion’s Guide
  • 2 wonderful cds to deepen your practice
  • A customized Birth Plan
  • The knowledge to trust what your body was made to do
  • If you have any questions contact Kate at #203-800-5772 or via email,

I am available for Private Lessons in your home for those of you whose schedule can be a bit overwhelming. Private lessons are very beneficial, we can really talk about your concerns and deepen your practice. When you choose HypnoBirthing you are choosing a more gentle way of birthing for you and your baby.

Choose to host a class in your home and get a price break for you and your friends.

I offer a full refund of monies paid for your HypnoBirthing course costs if you cancel up to two weeks before the starting date and if you return the book and two CDs to me undamaged. (If either are damaged I will be unable to on-sell them and therefore the cost for the book and CDs will be deducted from your refund).

The cancellation policy is as follows:

Up to two weeks before start date: 100% refund of monies paid less the cost of a damaged book/CDs (if applicable)

Up to one week before start date: 50% refund of monies paid less the cost of a damaged book/CD (if applicable)

Up to one day before start date: No refund.