I was like you once, I had a little voice inside my head telling me “I think I can give birth naturally,” but doubt crept in, fear and anxiety increased as my belly grew. So I took a HypnoBirthing® class, listened to the promise of a 5 hour birth, fell asleep to relaxation tapes until the day it happened.

I easily birthed my twin boys in 5 amazing hours in 2003- without any fear -after learning to fully trust my body because of HypnoBirthing®. Ever since that day, I have been educating men and women about trusting birth, their bodies and the process.  I have been witnessing the lasting strength, joy, and confidence that HypnoBirthing® provides families.

I have been certified by the HypnoBirthing Institute since 2008 as an Educator and Labor Companion and I am continually expanding my knowledge about birth. I am confident that I can help you have a Joyful Birth like the dozens and dozens I have taught and supported during their births. My intent is to connect and learn about your strengths, while helping you eliminate your fears about birth and parenting.  Together we will let go of any fears and build your confidence, empower you and your partner and strengthen your bond. Birth is one of the most powerful moments in a woman’s life and I want all women to truly find the joy in it!

Much love,