pregnancy and education

Why do so many pregnant moms-to-be trust in epidurals so much that they opt out of childbirth classes? Why do so many of us believe motherhood should just come naturally?

Then birth and parenthood comes and the majority of parents feel scared, overwhelmed, and like they failed as new parents.

Why spend hundreds even thousands on strollers, cribs, home improvements when they will only not fit right or only be used for a very short period of time. But that anxiety and sense of i could of done it better, will last longer than you will ever know. Less than 50% of pregnant women will take a class- and ones that do feel more prepared, more relaxed during their birth than moms that didn’t take a class. What if i told you the average first HypnoBirth is 5 hours long compared to the average first birth is 24 hours long. Take my custom at home class and I will teach to have an awesome birth and teach you how use all those gadgets you got at your baby shower.

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About Kate Sullivan

I have been teaching HypnoBirthing and attending births as a HypnoBirthing Labor Companion since 2008. My passion comes from empowering every family, whether it is a quick inquiry to learn more or a client that I joyfully spend hours counseling with HypnoBirthing or rushing off to a birth at 2 in the morning. I want to teach you how to trust yourself, your body and give your partner those same tools so that you can begin your journey as parents with confidence.
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