Doula Services

The All Exclusive Package~ 

Cost: $1000.00 (Price for clients within 50 miles of Westbrook, CT)

Doula Services Includes it ALL!! 

If you choose to have me support you during your birth, you can expect:

12 Hour HypnoBirthing Class

My Unique Birth Movements Class!

  • The Marie Mongan Method HypnoBirthing book
  • 2 self-hypnosis cds
  • A custom made birth plan
  • Birth Companion Prompt Sheet
  • I will be on call 2 week prior to your birth and available through e-mail and phone for questions throughout your pregnancy and will always answer questions during those beginning months.
  • I am certified Reiki I which helps release stress through little pressure points
  • I use deep relaxation techniques to reduce pain and stress.
  • I will be there fully supporting the entire family.
  • Available after the birth for questions and added support with parenting and breastfeeding.

As the only Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner and Labor Companion in CT, I decided very early on that my training would be solely endorsed by the Marie Mongan Method. I have trained with other homebirth midwives, Reiki Masters, and the Gena Kirby Rebozo Method. I have dedicated my training to learning how to comprehensively understand the birthing body in all settings. Each birth is unique, each family connects differently, but at each birth I have seen the same amazing joy present itself. I ensure that you are calm and confident for your birth no matter what.

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About Kate Sullivan

I have been teaching HypnoBirthing and attending births as a HypnoBirthing Labor Companion since 2008. My passion comes from empowering every family, whether it is a quick inquiry to learn more or a client that I joyfully spend hours counseling with HypnoBirthing or rushing off to a birth at 2 in the morning. I want to teach you how to trust yourself, your body and give your partner those same tools so that you can begin your journey as parents with confidence.
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