Mama said, “Eat your Veggies!” But I’m busy and have stuff to do.

I’m always busy, working on a new project, running to a birth, taking a class or creating a class. I “try” to eat right but lets face it the go to snickers bar with it’s justifying protein seems like a good solution. In moderation, blah, blah, blah. So, I buy beautifully packaged organic fruits and veggies. Life gets in the way again and they sit in the fridge wilting in shame. If your pregnant, your baby is growing so it is taking all your best nutrients, dehydrating you, waking you up because your hungry and nausea at the same time. But like me you haven’t slowed down just because your pregnant you have actually gotten busier, now you are forced to get everything done in 9 months at mach speed. But sometimes you fell like crap because . . . . . Preggers TipMorning sickness is directly linked to being overly hungry, so a quick snack before bed like a handful of almonds will help you a bunch to elevate morning sickness (think protein because it takes longer to digest, carbs and sugar will metabolize much fast leaving you sick with hunger pains). Between the 8th-12th week of pregnancy the placenta attaches to the uterine wall and the provides all the food and oxygen for the baby. So you need to eat more especially at night or you will wake up queasy.    Now that it’s summer time, and if you are past 6 months pregnant you really need to think about staying hydrated, eating right, so you don’t end up feeling dead to the world by 6pm. But your busy- REALLY busy, with work, projects, converting your office into a nursery, family gatherings (because they are all so freaking excited your pregnant and they can’t wait to tell you their horror stories, invest in earplugs and a polite smile). My go to health food tip is a smoothie. They are so easy to make and your wilting veggies and fruits will be happy to dance in the blender.

Baby Green Smoothie that doesn’t taste Green. Baby mixed greens (mine was a mix of baby kale, swiss chard, arugula, and spinach) half of banana (add more if you want potassium will help with any leg cramps and its all you will taste) about a cup of frozen mangoes (these will act as your ice cubes) 2 tbl of flax seed/chia (it has lots omego-3s, chia is great for energy and vitality)` 6oz of greek vanilla yogurt (whatever yogurt you love and has been sitting in your fridge because you thought you totally take one to work everyday) 12 oz of water at least but you can add more because it will be thick Blend, and enjoy. And you started your day, getting a full portion of veggies, and fruit, water, and dairy in one quick healthy meal and all your co-workers will just be so amazed at how healthy you are but all you taste is banana and mangoes. The proof it taste great is my picky son will even drink it.

About Kate Sullivan

I have been teaching HypnoBirthing and attending births as a HypnoBirthing Labor Companion since 2008. My passion comes from empowering every family, whether it is a quick inquiry to learn more or a client that I joyfully spend hours counseling with HypnoBirthing or rushing off to a birth at 2 in the morning. I want to teach you how to trust yourself, your body and give your partner those same tools so that you can begin your journey as parents with confidence.
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