How to Love the Strong Woman? NEW CLASS!!

I realized today I’m terribly stubborn. I have endometriosis a lovely diseases that has dropped me to my knees on more than one occasion. I also have a lovely boyfriend that looked terrified and confused on how to care for me as I shivered and cried on his couch while watching a movie. Repeatedly saying “I’m fine”. I realized I had no clue how to explain to him what I needed. I needed him to take over but I needed him to do it right, so we were both stuck and confused.

Even the most attentive amazing Dads-to-be will be stopped cold in their tracks when they see the love of their lives in pain. HypnoBirth will only eliminate the pain if everyone knows what to do.

So my idea is to teach partners how to support a strong stubborn woman- much like myself.
The class will be a one day affair in my garden in Westbrook, CT.
You will learn:
Intuitive cues
Breathing for you and mom
Nonverbal language skills
And the confidence to be present and calm during YOUR child’s birth.

July 28th from 11-3
RSVP BY July 24th, a light healthy lunch will be provided, bring a blanket or yoga mat be prepared to move around. The cost includes lunch and all materials $100.
Email me or call me 203-800-5772 or


About Kate Sullivan

I have been teaching HypnoBirthing and attending births as a HypnoBirthing Labor Companion since 2008. My passion comes from empowering every family, whether it is a quick inquiry to learn more or a client that I joyfully spend hours counseling with HypnoBirthing or rushing off to a birth at 2 in the morning. I want to teach you how to trust yourself, your body and give your partner those same tools so that you can begin your journey as parents with confidence.
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