That Special Book in My Life

Right now I'm reading Ina May Gaskin's Spiritual Midwifery. At first the language was really throwing me off but I guess hippies really did talk like that. But the more I read this book the more the words resonated within me. I looked forward to reading each woman's story about her birth, I began to read about how vastly different each birth is but so completely connected we all are because of birth. Simply looking at a fearful mom and saying you are a direct link to natural childbirth- our simple existence proves that our ancestors gave birth naturally. The midwives in this book are self trained and absorb information every chance they could, they looked at each birth as a learning experience, and by doing that they were deeply connected with each pregnant woman on The Farm. They saw each woman's fears and confronted them- and every time they did, they saw a direct result, by having an easier birth. This book changes my own practice over and over again, I let go of my own fear and move forward, I see each client more as a whole rather than simply teaching the syllabus. Being apart of this work continues to nourish my soul and I am forever grateful.

About Kate Sullivan

I have been teaching HypnoBirthing and attending births as a HypnoBirthing Labor Companion since 2008. My passion comes from empowering every family, whether it is a quick inquiry to learn more or a client that I joyfully spend hours counseling with HypnoBirthing or rushing off to a birth at 2 in the morning. I want to teach you how to trust yourself, your body and give your partner those same tools so that you can begin your journey as parents with confidence.
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